The ADHD Energy Shift

This Free on-demand clearing session will help you to remove and clear 6 common energetic blocks which get in the way of success with ADHD. Clearing these blocks will help Adults with ADHD,  parents of children with ADHD, and partners of people with ADHD. Sign up below for unlimited access to this FREE session.

People with ADHD can often be highly sensitive, highly intuitive and take on other people’s feelings. This can lead to chronic overwhelm, stress and anxiety issues. In this FREE On-Demand Webinar Tara McGillicuddy will talk about the connection between having ADHD and being an Empath. She will talk about what it means to be an Empath and what some of the signs are that you may be one. She will also discuss tips and strategies of how to survive and even to thrive while being an ADHD Empath. Sign up below for unlimited access to this FREE Webinar.

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