Ronda StoneRonda is a professional ADHD coach as well as a licensed counselor with experience working with individuals, families, and groups. She has presented numerous workshops, weekend courses, and professional inservices dealing with personal growth, relationships, grief, parenting, anger management and ADHD. Ronda has been a Florida Licensed Mental Health Counselor and National Certified Counselor since 1995.

Ronda graduated with master’s degrees in Community Mental Health Counseling and Reading Education. In addition, she’s taken extensive continuing education coursework specializing in attention deficit disorder and related conditions. She also earned her certification and instructed the dynamic weekend personal growth course “Understanding Yourself and Others” and the parenting course “Redirecting Children’s Behavior”.

Ronda’s goal is to enable individuals with AD/HD to identify and build on their unique strengths. She focuses on helping them develop a healthy sense of self by supporting an understanding of how ADHD impacts their lives and on developing and implementing appropriate strategies to help them effectively manage their ADHD and achieve their goals.

Ronda is a regular guest on ADHD Support Talk Radio.

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