Dr. Patricia Quinn is a developmental pediatrician in the Washington, D.C. area. A graduate of the Georgetown University Medical School, she specializes in child development and psychopharmacology. Dr. Quinn has worked for over 28 years in the areas of ADHD and learning disabilities. She gives workshops nationwide and has appeared on Lifetime TV’s New Attitudes and the PBS show, To the Contrary discussing the issue of girls and women with ADD. Dr. Quinn also appeared in the video aired on PBS titled, OUTSIDE IN: A Look at Adults with Attention Deficit Disorder. For the last decade, Dr. Quinn has devoted her attention professionally to the issues confronting girls and women with ADD (ADHD). Her 1999 book, Understanding Girls with ADHD, was co-authored with Drs. Nadeau and Littman and is groundbreaking in its presentation of this population. She was also co-editor of ADDvance: A Magazine for Women with ADD and is co-founder and currently the director of the non-profit organization, The National Center for Gender Issues and ADHD. In 2002, Dr. Quinn co-edited with her partner, Dr. Nadeau, two volumes on these important topics, Understanding Women with ADHD and the only text for clinicians, Gender Issues and ADHD: Research, Diagnosis, and Treatment.

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