Free Cheat Sheet: 25 Small & Easy Things That Get BIG Results

This multi-page cheat sheet provides a handy library of 25 small and easy things that can have a BIG impact in your ADHD life. Including easy ways start your day, easy ways to get into action, easy ways to manage your time and energy, and easy ways to get and stay organized. It’s a handy checklist you can use for months to come.


Pocket-Sized ADHD Comeback Guide for Stupid Questions

An e-book with snappy comebacks for those stupid questions we’ve all experienced


The RESET Manual – A Proven Step-by-Step Method to Start Intermittent Fasting with Ease

A 26-page guide to improve nutrition and metabolism so that intermittent fasting is rewarding, effective, and built to last. Discover the RESET Method that inspired Marisa’s bestselling book, Not So Fast, by downloading the RESET Manual today.


ADHD Survival guide

Learn everything you need to know about ADHD in 32 ADHD-friendly slides!

6 Week On-Demand Adult ADD BootCamp

Get Organized & in Control with the 6 Week Adult ADD BootCamp.