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Are the Webinars really free?

Yes, the live webinars are free. We also offer a FREE 1 week replay to people who register before the start of the live webinar.. If participants choose to call in using a telephone instead of listening over the internet, long distance charges may apply.

I really want to attend one of the live Webinars but I can’t make it at the time it’s Scheduled. Will there be a recording available ?

Yes, In addition to thr 1 week replay recordings of our live Webinars are added to our ADD Audio Library within one week of the live event. More information about the ADD Audio Library can be found at

Why does the course description says ADHD and not ADD?

The correct medical term for Attention Deficit Disorder is ADHD. There are 3 subtypes of ADHD: Predominantly

inattentive, Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive, and Combined.

How do I cancel my paid subscription?

When you signed up for one of our paid monthly subscriptions you agreed to contact by email with in 3 business days of your next billing date to cancel your membership. You may also use our contact form to request to have your subscription canceled. Please make sure you include the name of the subscription you would like to cancel and your full name.  Also, please let us know if you registered using a different name or different email.

If you signed up with Paypal you may cancel the subscription in by logging into your own Paypal account.

Please note: Payment Plans are not the same as subscriptions.  Payment Plans can NOT be canceled.

When I try to register for a Webinar it says my email address is invalid. How can I fix this?

Some browsers add extra characters and spaces to our forms when using form fillers and when emails are copied and pasted. Please type in your email address manually. You may also need to clear your browser’s cache (temporary internet files) and cookies.

What is your privacy policy?

Tara McGillicuddy and the administrative support staff do NOT share your information with anybody.

Why haven't I received your email about your webinar or paid program?

The most common reason is that the email was has been caught in your spam filter. Please check your spam folder.  Also, some email providers like Gmail may delay receipt of the emails. Please contact your email provider directly if you are having trouble receiving email from us.

Also please make sure you are checking the correct email address. If you registered using Paypal the email may have been sent to the email address associated with your Paypal account.

What should I do if I am having trouble with the CAPTCHA in the webinar sign up process?

Please make sure your web browser is up to date. Also make sure that your browser’s cache (temporary internet files) have been cleared recently. If you still have an issue please try registering with a different browser and/or different device. Also, make sure you put a space between the 2 words and that you are using the correct case (upper case or lower case).

What is your refund policy for your programs?

It is clearly stated in the agreements for all of our programs and services that there is a no refund policy. The terms of the agreement are agreed to TWICE before the payment is processed for any program. We strictly abide by our no refund policy and all requests for refunds will be denied.

We reserve the right to block and ban email addresses and IP addresses of anybody who does not abide by the terms agreed to for our programs. We also reserve the right to report fraud to credit card companies, banks, and legal authorities of anybody who does not the abide by terms agreed to for our programs.

How do I download the handouts mentioned in the webinar series?

If you would like to download the handouts you may join the ADD Audio Library.

Please note: We have a ZERO Tolerance policy for abuse and negativity.

People who send mean or negative emails will be banned from using our services. If our programs and services do not meet your needs, please put your time and energy towards finding ones which better meet your requirements. There are some wonderful ones listed on our programs page.

Make sure you read the FAQ above!

If you contact us asking a question that was answered above in the FAQ we will not reply to your email.

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