ADHD Focused Change Series

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Making Changes that Last

Lynne Edris - Do you swear, year after year, that this time you really will: get yourself organized; stop being late; get your finances in order; get yourself in shape; and clear the clutter once and for all? We start off with the best of intentions, but it usually doesn't take too long for our motivation to fizzle, and things to go back the way they were. Learn why those of us with ADD/ ADHD can struggle to make lasting change, and some simple and effective strategies for making those changes stick this time.


Have You Reached Your ADHD Tipping Point?

Laurie Dupar - Suddenly overwhelmed, stuck and feel like your life has been derailed? You might have reached your tipping point, where the strategies you used to manage your ADD / ADHD are no longer working. You’ll leave this talk recognizing 5 warning signs that might mean you have reached your tipping point and how to get your life back on track.


The ADHD Trifecta: Creating Motivation toward Action

Casey Dixon -  Let’s explore the role of motivation and its impact on procrastination, time management, and organization for people with ADD / ADHD. In this webinar, you will learn about the ADHD Trifecta, a tool you can use to feel motivated and take action toward goals. The ADHD Trifecta provides a simple framework for developing concrete steps you can take to get started and get things done.


Becoming Focused, Aware and Self-Directed

Lidia Zylowska, MD -  Dr. Lidia Zylowska, a psychiatrist specializing in ADHD will describe an accessible, mindfulness-based approach for adults with ADHD. This program, developed through Dr. Zylowska’s research and clinical practice, can help adults with ADHD and their families develop skills in managing attention, regulating emotions, coping with stress, and fostering healthy relationships.


Real Motivation for Real Change

Dr. Ari Tuckman - The struggles that come from undiagnosed and untreated ADHD can really drain away your motivation. Dr. Ari Tuckman discusses ways to find new motivation that is grounded in targeted strategies and realistic expectations, in order to create a more successful track record. Find REAL motivation!


Bonus Session

  • Shift Your Energy and Your Mindset for Success

It’s ’s more important now than ever to shift your energy and mindset. In this 1 hour FREE webinar Tara McGillicuddy will discuss ways for you to do this even in times of uncertainty and chaos. You will walk away from this webinar with practical strategies and solutions which you can begin implementing immediately.

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