Becca Colao
Becca Colao

Becca Gross Colao combines her academic training in Linguistics and Cognitive Sciences with her diverse work experience to offer clients a Problem-Solving and Systems Approach to coaching. Along with coaching professionally, Becca has worked in corporate, high tech, and teaching environments.

To further her insight into various cultures, Becca has traveled extensively and lived and worked abroad. Her natural curiosity, along with formal training,developed an expertise in the understanding of cultures and their impact on approaches to life, values, and priorities.

Becca has a special interest in coaching individuals with AD/HD, especially professional women and college students. With her own first-hand experiences along with her Optimal Functioning Institute training, she has an edge for coaching high-functioning AD/HD individuals and others who find themselves challenged by focus, time management, and passion without follow-through. Forgetting labels, she creates stepping stones based on each person’s unique personality, values, and goals to minimize struggles and maximize effectiveness. Those who have worked with Becca know she loves to help people build their lives around their strengths.
Becca is currently living in the Boston area.

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