FREE Webinar: The ADHD Trifecta: Creating Motivation toward Action

Kerri Richardson

Casey Dixon

Let’s explore the role of motivation and its impact on procrastination, time management, and organization for people with ADD / ADHD. In this webinar, you will learn about the ADHD Trifecta, a tool you can use to feel motivated and take action toward goals. The ADHD Trifecta provides a simple framework for developing concrete steps you can take to get started and get things done.

  • Understand how ADD/ ADHD gets in the way of feeling motivated and taking action.
  • Explore three main motivators for people with ADD / ADHD. Use the ADHD Trifecta as a tool to generate motivation and action.
  • Learn several specific methods that real people have used to take action and implement solutions.
  • Gain resources so that you can implement the ADHD Trifecta in your own life.

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