Are the TeleSeminars really free?

Yes, the live TeleSeminars are free. If participants choose to call in using a telephone instead of listening over the internet, long distance charges may apply.

I really want to attend one of the live Teleseminars but I can’t make it at the time it’s Scheduled. Will there be a recording available ?

Yes, recordings of our live Teleseminars are added to our ADD Audio Library within one week of the live Teleseminar. More information about the ADD Audio Library can be found at www.addaudiolibrary.com

How come the course description says ADHD and not ADD?

The correct medical term for Attention Deficit Disorder is ADHD. There are 3 subtypes of ADHD: Predominantly inattentive, Predominantly hyperactive-impulsive, andCombined.

I really want to sign up for one of your paid programs but I don’t have a Credit Card or Debit Card. What can I do?

We understand that many adults with ADHD have financial problems and are not able to use credit cards. We are not able to accept checks or money orders but using a prepaid credit card is a great alternative. Visa Gift Cards can be purchased at banks, credit unions, and stores like Walmart and CVS.

Do you offer an Affiliate Program?

Yes, we do offer an Affiliate Program. You can learn more about the ADDClasses.com Referral  program at http://www.addclasses.com/affiliates/


How do I cancel my paid subscription?

When you signed up for one of our paid monthly subscriptions you agreed to contact ADDClasses.com by email with in 3 business days of your next billing date to cancel your membership. You may also use our contact form to request to have your subscription canceled. Please make sure you include the name of the subscription you would like to cancel and your full name.


Can I get CEU’s or PDP’s?

ADDClasses.com is a distance learning resource helping people who are affected by ADHD. The majority of our courses will help those in the helping profession better understand and serve their clients who affected by ADHD. At this time Integrative Treatment for Adult ADHD  has been approved by The National Association for Continuing Education. Six CEUs will be available for marriage & family therapists, psychologists, social workers, and mental health counselors who complete this course. None of our other programs have been approved for continuing education by any organization.