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Understanding and Applying the Science of Time Management

2 Hours Long

Dr. Ari Tuckman

Most people with ADHD struggle with time management and doing the right things at the right times. This presentation will go beyond all the basic strategies and take a deeper look at the science of time awareness and time management so that attendees can really understand why time is such a struggle for those with ADHD. We will discuss the concepts of time horizon and temporal discounting to provide a foundation to understand why the strategies in the second half of the presentation work better. These strategies will help those with ADHD to see time more effectively by externalizing it and then feel time more effectively by building motivation to act towards the future.

This began as a one part presentation, but as Dr. Tuckman created the notes for it, he realized that there was more and more important information that needed to be included in order for this presentation to be as helpful as possible. This presentation will fundamentally change how you think about time and therefore how you manage it. You will finally understand, in a much more meaningful way, how ADHD impacts time and what you can do about it. Part 1 will focus on understanding the science of time management and part 2 will focus on applying it.


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