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'Now You Tell Me?!' - How To Survive the Tornado of Regret, Anger, and Sadness of Being Diagnosed in Adulthood

Tuesday May 10th
9:00 pm to 10:00 pm EDT

Rick Green

Rick Green

The ADHD diagnosis was a turning point in Rick Green’s life. Discovering why life has been so challenging, then finding tools that transformed the struggle, can unleash a tornado of conflicting emotions: anger, regret, blame, sadness; your mind racing from bitterness to relief, resentment to enthusiasm, joy to sorrow. Unchecked emotions can sabotage you. The best ‘treatments’ mean nothing if you lose heart and give up.  The risk is magnified if there’s denial and hostility from friends and family. Rick talks about how to survive the tornado, and harness emotions to fuel you when you need it most.


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